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Dear Students

After passing your final exam, your certificate will be automatically generated, and you will be able in 5 minutes to download it and leave the online session. If you provided Parachute (our Partner) with your incorrect name or spelling mistakes during the course registration process, your wrong name will also appear on your certificate of completion. To avoid it, you must edit your student profile in your course and correct your name before your Final Exam.


   certificate with incorect name


   You can change your name and delete any spelling mistakes by yourself.  Please follow the instruction below to edit your student profile.



First, go to the website https://learn.parachute.ca and log in to your online course with your username and password.

   login parachute course



To find your User Profile Page, where you can edit your name (if any mistakes here):  Go to the User Top Menu on the top right side of the main course page and click on your Name locate above it.

   user top menu


3 In the drop-down menu, click on Profile Icon.
 profile icon



Once you are on your Profile page, click the Edit profile link in the upper left corner.
  edit profile link


5 Enter your name (the same as it appears on your driving licence) or correct any mistakes related to your full name in editable fields (first and family name).
  editing profile


6  When you complete editing, scroll down the page and click Update profile button to save your changes :-)
  safe changes