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Welcome, in this tutorial you will learn how to start your Final Test and submit answers for automatic grading and result.     


When you are inside your online course, scroll down the page. Below Module Five you will find FINAL TEST link. Click on this link to start your Final Test.  

 click final test link



In a new open Window,  click the green button "Attempt Quiz" or "Preview Quiz" to start the Final Test. You may see the "Continue Your Attempt" green button - insted of "Attempt" or "Preview Quiz", if you close your test page without submitting answers for grading by any mistake. 

   attempt quiz


In the new open window, enter the Quiz PASSWORD (provided by the Proctor during live online session in virtual clasroom Chat Panel) into the text box editor. After inserting the password - to start your test- click on green button "Start Attempt". 

   quiz password


Read all quiz questions and give the correct answers. You will have 50 question in the quiz. To pass your tet, you must answer 35 questions correctly (70%).  



When you answer all quiz questions, click the "Finish Attempt" green button located below question nr 50 and on the right-side corner of the page. 

   finish attempt


 In the new open page, you will see "Summary of your Quiz Attempt Page", including all answer saved during the test. Scroll down the page to the bottom and search for the green button "Submit All and Finish". Click "Submit All and Finish" button to submit your test for grading. 

  submit all 


 Click again on the green button "Submit all and Finish" in the new open window, including a warning message that your answer cannot be changed after submitting the test. 

   submit all again



 You can view your Final Test Result immediately after answer submision.