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PTC License Training - Vehicle for Hire Program (Parachute) - Exam Info

f you completed your Online Course - Vehicle-for-Hire Program (Parachute) you must register for your PTC License Course Final Test/Exam.  Make sure to register for the Online Session and Exam with the name as it appears on your Driver’s Licence. 




registration form first and last name

licence driver


How to Correct Your Name

If you entered into the Vehicle For Hire Driver Training Online Course wrong name,  click the link below, and follow the instructions in this student tutorial to correct your name in a student profile in your Vehicle-For-Hire (PTC License) online course. If you do not correct your name before your online exam the Proctor during the online session will not verify you, and remove you from the virtual classroom. 

Student Tutorial on How to Correct Your Name: https://examvehicleforhire.ca/vfh-exam-info/incorrect-name

Online Session - PTC Driver Training Course



Your Live Session will commence on the day selected during the registration process through the Globe Driving Academy Examination Center website. This online class is two hours longThe final exam will take place during this session (in real-time) delivered through Globe Driving Academy (Examination Center) Virtual Classroom. We will use our Virtual Classroom to give a mandatory online, instructor-led live class session, which will provide a summary course content overview. During this online class, you can ask questions, and discuss the course content via communication tools such as chat, camera, mic, and screen share.  You must also complete the final exam in order to receive your completion certificate. 



Your Name During Online Session in the Virtual Classroom


When you log in to your virtual class your name must appear for your online teacher as it appears on your driver’s licence. You need to be visible to the instructor during the live class and during the exam. To do this, you need to sign in from a desktop computerorthe combination of a mobile phone and tablet, or 2 mobile phones, where one device will allow you to participate and be visible in the class, and the second device will enable you to log into the exam and be visible while you take the exam. Logging in only from a phone or tablet may not work and you won’t be able to take the exam if you are not visible throughout the entire session. 




online session vehicle for hire


Your Visibility on a Camera


If the instructor is unable to match your on-screen appearance with the driver's licence you submitted, the instructor will inform you during a session, or/and send you a message in the virtual classroom chat room to alert you that there is an issue.  You may proceed to take the test, but your completion certificate will be withheld until the issue with your identity is resolved.



If you do not have enough online learning experience, It is recommended that before joining the session you should read the Student Tutorial. This document will help you navigate and communicate in our virtual classroom with your online teacher and course participants. 


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