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Register for Vehicle-for-Hire Online Course (PTC License Training for Uber/Lyft Toronto) - Parachute


Vehicle-for-Hire & Private Transportation Company (PTC) Training (City of Toronto)


Vehicle-For-Hire Online (PTC License)  Course is offered by a Parachute Company with Partnership with Globe Driving Academy (Examination Center)  is mandatory for drivers with taxi companies and app-based firms like Uber to be eligible for their municipal vehicle-for-hire license. You are required to complete this program once. After that,  you can use your accreditation across all vehicle-for-hire or private transportation companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Facedrive. This self-paced training program is designed to be completed by the driver in 5 hours from the registration time. 



Registration Steps 



  • Create your user ID and password by filling out and submitting the online registration form through the Parachute website (link below).
  • Follow the instructions on the computer screen to make a payment for the VFH Course to Parachute Company
  • Access Your PTC Online Course at any time and start your learning in a few minutes.  



Register Now for Vehicle-For-Hire Online Driver Training (PCT  license Training for Uber/Lyft)


The price for the course is $79.95 plus HST for a total of $90.34, payable upon online registration.

If you are ready to start your VFH online course now for a PTC License (Uber/Lyft) in the City of Toronto, click the picture below to Register and Pay. After payment, you will access your Online Course in a few minutes. Enjoy your online learning and see you soon during our online session in real-time and the final exam:-)


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