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A.   Who Do I Contact?



  1. Questions of an administrative nature (i.e. course withdrawals, refunds),  and login problems to your online course should be directed to the Parachute at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Questions of a technical nature (online session,  student verification, final exam, downloading the course certificate) should be directed to the Examination Center (Globe Driving Academy) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tech support tel:  647-839-7271. 



B. Where I will Take a Final Test?


You will be required to take a final test at the end of the course. The final test takes place during 
an online session (2 hours) conducted in real-time by the Online Instructor (Proctor) from the Examination Center (Globe Driving Academy).




 How do I Access the Online Session?


You must register for the final exam when you complete your online course (5 Modules). After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Examination Center (Globe Driving Academy), including a link to a virtual classroom and ID meeting number that allow you to join the session. 




How Do I Communicate with my Online Instructor (Proctor) during the Online Session?


During your online session, you will communicate with your online instructors (Proctor) and other course participants through communication tools such as Chat, Webcam, and Microphone. 




What Can I Do Upon Experience Technical Difficulties During the Online Session and Final Exam?


During the live online sessions, if you experience any technical difficulties, you should send a text message in the chat panel or/and immediately request help by informing the online instructor about the issue. The instructor may instruct you on how to solve the problem or ask the Examination Center Technical Support Team to contact you by phone. If any login problems into the virtual classroom before the online session, don't hesitate to contact the Examination Center Support Team at 



F. What Can I Expect During the Online Session and Final Test?


  • Join your virtual classroom 5 minutes before the session starts. 
  • When waiting for the online instructor to start the session, check if your camera and microphone work. Your camera must be ON for the whole exam session. If it stops working, you are not allowed to take the final exam.  
  • If your name appears differently on the participants list than on your driving licence, you must correct it by editing your profile. The instructor will guide you on how to do it. 
  • Login also to your Parachute Online Course before the session starts, and wait for instructions from your online teacher. You must remember your User ID and Password. If any login issues you will be not able to take the final exam. 
  • You can not use your cell phone to take the final exam. Your camera will stop working when you log in to your course. Use your computer or tablet to avoid any technical difficulties. 
  • Your final exam includes 50 questions. You need to obtain 70 % or higher to pass the test. 


 How and When Do I Get My Course Certificate? 

Once you are verified by the Proctor and have passed the final exam, you can download your Certificate of Compilation directly from your online course at the end of the Online Session. Your Online Instructor (Proctor) will guide you on where to find the link to download this document. The link to access the certificate is not available for you to see unless you passed the final exam and were verified by the Proctor. 




H. What Will Happen if I Fail the 2nd Time My Final Exam?


You will receive a 
maximum of 2 attempts to pass your exam. If you did not pass the exam the 2nd time, you must pay, enroll in the Retake Exam  (Vehicle-for-Hire Training Program),  and participate in online sessions again after a new registration for the exam. 




I. Can I Review the Online Session and Share My Experience? 


You will have an opportunity to evaluate your Online Instructor (Proctor) from the Examination Center (Globe Driving Academy) and provide general feedback on the online session satisfaction and your learning experience. Your carefully considered feedback will help us improve the way online sessions are presented in the future for the next group.