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Vehicle for Hire Program Toronto 

TORONTO – Parachute and Globe Driving Academy (as Examination Center for Vehicle for Hire Driver Training Program) was approved by the City of Toronto in October 2022 as an Accredited Driver Training Provider.   Parachute has launched its Toronto PTC license driver training program for all private transportation company drivers, and since October 2022 this online course for Toronto PTC license is available for all vehicle-for-hire drivers to access and complete.  

Drivers for Vehicles-For-Hire and Private Transportation Companies (PTC), such as Uber, Lyft, and Facedrive, are required to complete this mandatory training program from accredited training providers and submit the certificate of completion as part of their PTC license  Toronto application. Once you complete the Vehicle-For-Hire course and receive your certificate, you should take a picture of your training certificate and upload it on the driver UBER app.

PTC License

The Private Transportation Company (PTC) such as Uber will apply for the license on your behalf - if you meet all City of Toronto’s requirements.  Once approved, you will be provided with a PTC license to be eligible to drive in the City of Toronto. Applications for new licenses are not accepted without the certificate of the Vehicle-for-Hire Training completion. The City of Toronto does not issue a Private Transportation Company (PTC) Driver Licence directly to You.  Once Your License is issued by the City of Toronto, the Private Transportation Company (PTC) will contact you with your PTC driver's license information. 

You must contact Uber, or Lyft directly if you have questions about your PTC license application - not the Globe Driving Academy Examination Center for Vehicle for Hire Driver Training Program. It may take a few days to submit your Vehicle-For-Hire Course Completion Info to the City of Toronto by Parachute.  Once your certificate has been uploaded, and all your other documents are approved, you may expect probably about 7-10 business days to start driving in the City of Toronto for Uber PTC.

More info about the course can be found on the Parachute website. Click on the picture below if you want to register for PTC license course now. The price is $79.95 plus HST. 

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PTC License - Private Transportation Company 

If you want to drive in the City of Toronto as an UBER or LYFT driver you have to get a PTC License - Private Transportation Driver License  issued by the City of Toronto. A PTC licence is associated with app-based transportation platforms or ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, or other similar companies. Getting your PTC License is not very difficult. It involves the following steps: 

Register and Complete the PTC License Training Program  Approved by the City of Toronto


  1. There are multiple approved providers who can provide City-accredited training. If you prefer to complete online training from the safety of your own home, you may consider Parachute and his Vehicle for Hire Driver Training Program approved by the City of Toronto. The course is well-designed, easy to complete all 5 modules and register for the online final test! It will take only 5 hours to complete the self-paced online part. You will get a PTC license course certificate in a few minutes after passing the online test. This document provided by the Parachute confirms your completion of the training program. Training Information and Registration Details can be found here. 
  2. If you have any questions you can also contact Globe Driving Academy - Examination Center for Vehicle for Hire Driver Training Program (Parachute). Contact


Step 2.
Sign up to be a Driver in Toronto and Upload Your Certificate of Training Completion


  1. Contact the Private Transportation Company such as UBER, and LYFT or the platforms you want to work with and Inquire about the requirements for submitting your training licence. You have to sign up to Drive for the selected company on their website. To sign up to Drive for UBER  CLICK HERE.
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restricted area for driving instructions

A. Restricted Areas for Driving Lessons with In-Car Instructor in Toronto Near Drive Test Center Locations 


If you are a student driver at Globe Driving Academy or a driver interested in PTC License to work as an Uber/Lyft driver in Toronto, you must know that practicing driving lessons with a driving instructor in Toronto is not allowed in 6 areas within the boundaries of Drive Test Centres. The City of Toronto has banned driving instructors from taking students to practice in their vicinity.  Taking driving lessons in a restricted area can result in fines of up to $5000. 

1. Etobicoke DriveTest

In-car lessons are prohibited in the area ranging from 401 in the north to Burnhamthorpe Road in the south, and then from Dixie Road in the west to Mill Road / Centennial Park Boulevard in the east. You also can not take driving lessons in the area ranging from Etobicoke Creek in the west to 427 in the east, and then from Eglinton Avenue West in the North to Bloor Street in the south. 

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